110 x 19mm x1.0m Select Grade Dressed All Round Tasmanian Oak


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  • Product of Tasmania
  • Durable and high quality blonde hardwood to last a lifetime
  • Excellent workability and staining qualities
  • 100% sustainable product, PEFC / AFS certified
  • 100% Australian Made

Nothing beats the natural warmth and sense of quality that solid hardwood timber, like Tasmanian Oak, delivers to a home.

Use Tasmanian Oak Dressed All Round (DAR) timber to create a naturally stunning and high quality look inside your own home.

DAR timber is timber that has been machined to a smooth finish on all four sides, making it immediately ready to be used componentry for a vast range of interior applications, such as doors, windows, cabinets, stairs, bench tops, trims/skirting, and furniture.

Tasmanian Oak is well known for its durability, workability, and versatility, however the unrivaled attraction of Tasmanian Oak is its stunning blonde tones and simplistic grain, which works beautifully with other interior materials and other timber species.

Tasmanian Oak’s ability to be stained is second to none, making Tasmanian Oak an extremely valuable and popular interior timber in terms of colour matching or achieving a desired colour outcome.

NSFP, is Australia’s leading manufacturer of Tasmanian Oak products, we produce a comprehensive range of high quality “Select” grade DAR products to assist you with your home design and/or furniture projects.

You can view our full range of DAR products, here, on the Bunnings' website.

model Name 110x19mm, 1.0m set length Tasmanian Oak DAR (Dressed All Round) timber
model Number Select Grade (very clear and high quality) Tasmanian Oak Timber
material Tasmanian Oak Solid Timber
colour Natural
weight 1.5kg
timber species Tasmanian Oak
common Uses Dressed All Round (DAR) – suitable for joinery, cabinetry, furniture and DIY timber project construction.




Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions
width 110
height 19
depth 1000
Total weight:1.5kg

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