Pest Control

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Description Easy-to-apply brush mechanism makes spot weeding easy and saves back-breaking bending Requires a dilute herbicide solution to control most common weeds Specially developed valve...


Description Kills foliage and roots Non-residual in soil Makes up to 200 L of spray 360g / L glyphosate Non-selective Easy to use non-selective and...















This item will take 10+ days to source




















Description Kills weeds down to the roots Fast acting (visible results in 12 hours) Rainproof in 30 minutes Child resistant cap Pre-mixed for accurate dosing...


Description Fast acting (visible results in 12 hours) Non-residual and not active in the soil Rainproof in 30 minutes Roundup Fast Action Path Ready To...


Description Kills the toughest weeds and grasses, roots and all Rainproof after 30 minutes Pump n Go pressurised sprayer Refillable, reusable using Roundup Tough Spray...


Description Special formulation that is suitable for use around waterways Non-residual; not active in the soil Covers area up to 280m2 – equivalent to 1...


Description Attracts and kills greenfly and insect pests Prevents accidental trapping of non-target birds & wildlife Ready to use - contains 1 protective cage +...


Description First effects seen within 12 hours Non-residual; not active in the soil Rainproof after 30 minutes Innovative spray head with 2 spray patterns –...


Description Strongest Roundup® formulation available Economical - makes up to 769L of weedkiller (at recommended dosage of 6.5mL per L of water) Not active in...


Description Excellent value, concentrated liquid weedkiller Non-residual; not active in the soil- Plant after 7 days Covers area up to 5,000m² – equivalent to 20...


Description Refillable (Roundup FAST Premix Refill) First effects seen within 1 hour – the fastest Roundup weedkiller you can buy! Non-residual; not active in the...


Description Natural Indoor and outdoor use Suitable for vegetables and other food crops Protects plants against a wide range of crawling and sucking insects This...