Parkside 86 x 19mm L/M KD Standard Decking Spotted Gum


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  • Durability Class 1 above ground
  • Unique looking specie
  • One of Australian's most loved species
  • Full rated, Chain of Custody certified
  • Easy to work with

Parkside’s Queensland Hardwood Decking is a product produced out of the highest of quality Queensland timber resources. Parkside have been producing Queensland decking products for over 60 years, and with their world class sawmilling technology, Parkside pride themselves on producing some of the best Australian decking products available. Spotted Gum is a beautiful Queensland specie timber, botanically named Corymbia Citriodora, and is a unique blend of brown and grey colours.

model Name Spotted Gum Decking 86x19mm
material Corymbia maculata
colour Other
weight Approx. 1 tonnekg
timber species Corymbia maculata
durability rating 1 above ground
baL rating BAL 29
treatment Type ACQ
hazard class 713
maintenance oil regularly
certified timber PEFC
common Uses Decking, screening




Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions
width 86
height 19
depth 0

Packing Dimensions

Packing Dimensions
width 86
height 19
depth 1000
Total weight:Approx. 1 tonnekg

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