Command™ Medium / Large White Adhesive Wet Area Refill Strips - 6 Pack


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  • Holds up to 1.3kg (Medium), 2.2kg (Large)
  • Damage-Free Hanging
  • Works on a variety of indoor surfaces, such as painted Gyprock, finished wood, tile, metal and glass
  • Water, moisture and humidity resistant. Wet Area Refill Strips can also be used with other Command™ Hooks designs
  • Ideal for hanging towels and robes in the bathroom or laundry

Tame the tub and contain the clutter with Command™ Wet Area Hooks! Easily hang and create space while keeping things withing easy reach. Frosted to hide water spots, Command™ Wet Areas Products look as good as they work. They allow you to keep towels or robes off the floor, and hung up neatly so they can dry in between use. Hooks can withstand hot, wet and humid environments and stick to a variety of surfaces, including glass, mirror, tile, fiberglass, wood and painted surfaces. Tested and proven to hold better than suction cups, it is easy to apply and comes off cleanly without damage. Repositioning is easy using the Command™ Wet Area Refill Strips. Great for bathroom organisation including guest and kids bathrooms, laundries and ideal for renters!

model Name Command Wet Area Combo Medium & Large Refill Strips 6pk
model Number WET22-ES
material Composite
colour White
weight 0.2kg




Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions
width 20
height 92
depth 1
Total weight:0.2kg

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